This morning our partners at the Northland's News Center reported that their has been looting in the wake of flood in areas of the Northland.  A lot of people have property in their yards either waiting to be dumped or sometimes just drying out that has been stolen from pickers and scavengers.

In my neighborhood in Superior, we have had some neighbors who have caught people walking in to the back yard grabbing items that were sitting out, far from the curb.  It's mostly an understanding that if you leave something by your garbage can it's free game for these scavengers of the alleys.  However, when you have something in your back yard and people are trying to walk off with it, that's plain theft.

If you experience any of this, call the police immediately and take a picture of the person or the vehicle with your phone if you can.  Also, if these "scavengers"  (which is too kind of a term for these people anyway) rip apart your garbage, call the police as well.  It's amazing how disrespectful these people can be, scattering things around your yard or alley.

Also be on the lookout for people dumping their junk into your piles just to get rid of it.  Once again, call the police if you see any of this.

This just in from the Superior Police Deparment:

Residents of Superior; there have been numerous reports of theft from the yards of flood victims. If you see anyone acting suspicous or going through property in someones yard please call 911. The police department also asks that you secure valuable property. I know this is difficult for people at this time but try to keep what you have safe.