Are you an organ donor?  I am.  They ask you to make that decision when filling out the information to obtain your first driver's license. You might have been too excited to consider it then, or thought NO WAY!

April is Nat'l Donate Life Month, time for you to re-consider.  Here's some info to help you make that decision that could ultimate buy time for someone and their family to celebrate another birthday, or share another holiday.  To be someone's angel, with the gift of life.

April is National Donate Life Month and state officials are encouraging people to join the 2.5 million state residents who have registered online or indicated on their driver’s license that they are an organ, tissue and eye donor.

In 2010, the Department launched the Donor Registry to allow people to register online in addition to signing up at their local Division of Motor Vehicles office. Signing up on the registry authorizes organ and tissue donation and ensures that this decision is legally binding, without requiring the consent of another person. It is confidential, secure and easy to use.

Today, there are nearly 2,000 children and adults in Wisconsin waiting for a transplant. “I encourage everyone to sign up for the registry, including those who already have an orange donor dot on their driver’s license,” Smith said.

For information about organ, tissue and eye donation,  visit:

Info via:  DHS Media/WI