Today marks my 30th year on this planet, in this life, whatever the heck this place is.  I felt a small level of anxiety a few days ago when I realized my 30th birthday was coming up.  I guess it's because 30 seems to me like the age you become and "adult."  Yes technically it's 18, but we all know how young and stupid we are those first few years of adulthood.   Nope, now I've got responsibilities and a life insurance policy.   Yep, I've grown up.

But it's not all bad, in fact I'm glad I'm 30.  Here's why:

1.  I'm not alone in life, I have a family that loves and cares about me.   Not roommates who accidentally pee in the closet when drunk.

2.  I have a home, I don't move around every 6 months anymore.

3.  Although I'm not a millionaire by any means, I've worked my way above and beyond ramen noodles.  (Except for after Christmas spending.)

4.  I have long time friends that I trust, and I've weeded out the ones that aren't worth keeping around.

5.  I'm beginning to enjoy the finer things, like wine, cheese, and micro brews.

6.  I've got a garage where I can fix my car, instead of a parking lot outside of the dorm rooms.

7.  I've got a real bed, not an air mattress with a sleeping bag.

8.  I've learned how to budget money, and not spend all of it immediately after payday.

9.  I don't get worked up about small stuff anymore.   At 20 years old I'd fly off the handle about anything.   I've learned to pick my battles.

10.  I sleep better now that I'm going to bed at a decent time, instead of staying up late playing video games and drinking beer.

11.  I can identify situations I want to stay out of.   I've learned my mistakes.

12.  I know and I'm confident in who I am now.

13.  I don't have to go on first dates anymore.   God I hated those until the one with my wife.

14.  I know how to fix things, instead of relying on others.

15.  I'm better at handling awkward situations.

16.  I'm cleaner.  I don't leave a mess everywhere.

17.  I floss regularly now.

18.  My car insurance is over $100 cheaper a month now.

19.  I'm a better driver.

20.  I've learned to organize important documents, instead of scrambling through piles at the last minute.