This is an actual picture taken from the Duluth/Superior Sky.  Reports first came about this bright object around 5:15 am.  It appeared to originate somewhere east over Lake Superior.  So far, locals have been baffled by this object.  Warmer temperatures may accompany this phenomenon.

Also there were murmurings of the word "summer" on Superior Street this morning.  Although experts can't say for sure how long this bright object will illuminate our sky, they expect sometime around 9:07 pm central time it will disappear for several hours and return tomorrow morning.  If you would like to spot the object yourself, look up, and follow it as it continues its slow trajectory towards the west.

Along with warmer temperatures, people seem to be in a better mood.  Is this a trick from this bright glowing object?  Is this to lure us into a trap and let our defenses down?  Only time will tell.  Good luck people.  Don't stare directly at the glowing object.