Family fun awaits you TONIGHT at the West Duluth Branch Library!  How many opportunities do you have to bring the kids to a puppet show?  Don't miss "A Night on Bear Island", it's fun, family-friendly and FREE

The West Duluth Branch Library ( 5830 Grand Avenue) invites children and families to a lively

puppet adventure on Tuesday, March 27 at 7:00 p.m. Puppeteer Heron Gardner and his

PuppetTellers will present “A Night on Bear Island,” the story of Basil and Samantha, who become

marooned on Bear Island and must overcome their fear of monsters and the dark. This is a FREE,

fast-paced, family-friendly tale of suspense and friendship is suitable for children of all ages. For

more information, call West Duluth Branch Library at 730-4280.