Not everybody can write for Hallmark!  It's not that you're not feeling the love, admiring their every move, long for their companionship when they're not around.  It just doesn't come out right when you try to tell her/him how much you appreciate they're in your life.  I have the perfect solution, with the help of Martina McBride and her song Valentine.

I remember when the song first came out.  I'd crank B105 on the radio and sing at the top of my lungs!  Martina actually did guest vocals on the song that was co-written and recorded by adult contemporary artist, Jim Brickman.  He first had it on his 1997 album, Picture.  Martina later included the song on her album, Evolution.  It was the follow-up to her song A Broken Wing.  The song made it to #9 on the Country charts.

My suggestion is to give your sweetheart a video card!  Take his/her hand, lead them to the computer, turn to them and say, "Cathy Kates and Martina McBride are going to help me tell you how I really feel".  Then, play Martina's video (with a box of tissue nearby)!!!!

After the first verse, take them in your arms and do a little slow dancing :)  (awwww, priceless!)

Happy Valentine's Day!