It has been an incredibly painful past several days for the country with the tragedy in Connecticut.  I don't think I've gone an entire day since the story broke without tearing up at some point.  I know I'm not alone as the rest of the Northland recently came together to pay tribute to the victims.

The Northland's News Center is reporting that our community came together Monday to support the victims of the tragic school shooting and their families.

A group gathered at the University of Minnesota Duluth's Education building to hold a candlelight memorial.  Organizers say they want to let people affected by the tragedy in Newtown know they are not alone.

Many of those involved in the vigil tonight say the school shooting and the young victims strike near and dear to their hearts.

There are no words that can convey the agony I feel for those families and the anger I feel towards incidents like this.  There is no magic wand to solve all problems.  It will take change and awareness from several areas, but sitting on our hands and putting teddy bears and candles out accomplishes nothing.