Last night we decided to go check out the new movie "Lincoln Lawyer."  It stars Matthew Mcconaughey, Ryan Phillippe, William H Macy, and the one other dude I always forget whose name is.  He's in the picture.  And of course, Trace Adkins has a minor role.  The movie plot has a great concept, but it kinda sputtered along.  I'd give it 2 out of 4 stars.  Trace Adkins did have a good performance worth noting.The movie starts off slow, and remains slow all the way until the last 30 minutes.  Then at that point, there is never a clear climax to the movie.  There were no really suspenseful parts that had you on the edge of the seat.  Without giving away the movie, it did have a really good new idea for a lawyer movie with an interesting twist.

Trace Adkins played the part of a leader of a biker gang that deals with Matthew Mcconaughey for their legal issues.  Trace has a few lines in the beginning of the movie and then reappears in the latter part.  Honestly, if I didn't know who Trace Adkins was, I would have never guessed he was a country music star.  He did a nice job playing his part!

Like I said before, I'd give the movie 2 out of 4 stars.  It had a great idea that was kind of squandered with a slow moving movie.  All of the acting was good, but it just crept along.