I should call this post Spring Cleaning Part 2.   But that doesn't really sum it up as good as endless raking.  Because that's what it has been.  To catch you up to speed, we moved into our house during the winter.  The yard had been neglected for years.  We don't have grass.  We have dirt and moss.  There were so many leaves, it took two whole days of raking.  We filled 17 - 39 gallon Hefty lawn trash bags.  Not to mention we have our second pile of brush that is still growing.  We still aren't done raking, but I need to clear out the yard.  It looks like a garbage dump right now.  I figure it will take me two trips to fit all these bags in my truck.  It's also pretty tough to bag leaves when the wind is blowing 20 mph every day.  Wheew!