The wolf hunt that was to begin in Minnesota may be put on hold as two organizations have filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota DNR.

The Northland's News Center is reporting that the Center for Biological Diversity and Howling for Wolves are challenging what they call failure on the Minnesota DNR's part to offer a formal public comment period on recently approved rules establishing wolf hunting and trapping in Minnesota.

The conservation groups are seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent the opening of hunting and trapping seasons this fall until the courts can come to a decision on this lawsuit.

According to the complaint, the DNR used an expedited emergency process, that is allowed under Minnesota law, to create the wolf hunt. However, the petitioners argue that the DNR had no "valid basis to use the expedited emergency rule-making process".

The Minnesota wolf season is supposed to open November 3rd, so we will see if it will move forward or if this lawsuit will push it back or cancel it altogether.