The Minnesota Twins have stumbled out to an 0-4 record and are now the only team in the majors without a win.  The good new is....okay there is no good news, especially since it was just announced that starting pitcher Scott Baker will miss the season after elbow surgery.  I know that the baseball season is 162 games long and we're only four games into it, but they haven't even been close to winning a game yet.  We've been spoiled with competitive Twins teams up until last year and a great new ballpark to boot. That's why it's hard to think of another summer of watching the Twins approach the dreaded 100 loss mark.  That said, I am an eternal optimist and am nowhere close to giving up on anything (cue scene of John Belushi ranting in 'Animal House').

I decided to post about this in hopes that it would serve as a losing streak breaker.  Just like you don't talk about a no hitter during a game in fear of causing bad luck for the pitcher.   I am open about about this being the only team without a win business because I want bad luck to end for our bad luck team.  I know that this wreaks of desperation, but a Carl Pavano takes the mound tonight at Target Field to face the powerful Angels, I can say I did what I could.   Feel free to post anything below that may help, Twins fans.

**UPDATE** You're welcome!  Twins get a victory 6-5 over the Angels.  There's still room on the bandwagon!