Kidney failure is being blamed for the death of 34 year old Ming Ming, the world's oldest panda.  While that is sad that she is gone, she DID live an unusually long life.  Captive panda's life spans average around 22 years..The Chinese media reported the death of the oldest panda that ever lived in captivity. Ming Ming died of old age at 34 years old. This is more than half of the age that a panda reaches in the wild, which is 15 years old. Held in captivity, the bear can reach an average of 22 years old.

Ming Ming was a Giant Panda. Her species is one of the most endangered species in the world at the moment. There are only 1,600 individuals living in the wild. Another 300 are living in China in captivity. They are held with the purpose of boosting the Giant Panda population. All of the captive individuals are in a breeding program.

China also has Giant Pandas loaned to other zoos in the world.