Ok, I know it ain't country.  But here's the deal.  Miley Cyrus is everywhere and you could argue that all the press is doing well for her.  She's had her controversial twerking at the VMA's that everyone is STILL talking about.   Now, fresh of that performance (as planned) her new shocking music video has come out.   She ain't Hannah Montana anymore.

What got me about the video was her love affair with that stupid sledgehammer.  As of now, it's got over 16 MILLION views in a very short amount of time.  Here's some highlights to look for.

48 seconds :  Oh the hammer tastes sweet.

1:10   Let me try some more of that sledgehammer

1:14  Time for naked wrecking ball rides

1:25  Passed beyond the creepiness threshold on the sledgehammer thing... seriously Miley

1:35  More wrecking ball naked swinging

1:39  Obviously better at making out with hammer than actually swinging one.  #doingitwrong

2:59  It's hammer time.