Time to find a summer romance?  Well based on a new survey it looks like being a bit frugal as a woman is a bit of a turn on for men.  So instead of looking at the tag on her shirt and saying, "I thought for sure it would say 'Made In Heaven'", I guess the new trend would be to say "What's your credit score?".   Needless to say this survey found distinct differences between the sexes.

When it comes to attracting men, a low credit card balance could do more than a low cut dress. That's because according to a new survey from ING DIRECT USA, the nation's largest direct bank, the majority of men (61 percent) find a frugal blind date to be both "smart" and "sexy." Women, on the other hand, find a frugal blind date to be more of a turn off - with only 44 percent describing frugal dates as "smart" and "sexy." In fact, the financial battle of the sexes survey found that women are twice as likely to be upset by a partner who spends too little on them.

It's not surprising then that women (33 percent) describe frugal as "stingy" compared to 20 percent of men. Additionally, 17 percent of women call a frugal blind date "boring" compared to 13 percent of men.

"We know that taking sides in a female versus male debate generally isn't a good idea, but this time, we agree that being a saver is smart," said Arkadi Kuhlmann, President and CEO of ING DIRECT USA. "Transparency about your money habits and low credit card debt can prevent money disagreements and help build long term trust in a relationship."

Managing Money, Debt & Sacrifices

The majority of American men and women (68 percent) agree that women are better at managing household finances, including managing bills and household spending. Still, Americans have accumulated significant debt in the past few decades, and both men and women said they were willing to make significant sacrifices to eliminate their current debt. The nature of their sacrifices both real and imaginative, however, vary by gender.

Women are 56 percent more likely to give up sex than men. However, when it comes to sex versus chocolate - chocolate wins. Women are less willing to give up chocolate and shopping (39 percent) than they are sex and alcohol (16 percent) to eliminate debt.

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