Unfortunately, neither Ken or I are that great at wrapping gifts.  But, that doesn't stop us from volunteering!  (You've been forewarned), bring your gifts to tomorrow (Thursday, December 13) at the Salvation Army Gift Wrapping booth in the Miller Hill Mall.  We'll be there from 4-6.  Or, if it's been a while since you've hooked up with friends, host a gift wrapping party to get the tedious task completed.  Taste of Home has some ideas.

Instead of sitting on the floor by yourself all night, make it fun by inviting a group of friends over for a gift wrapping party!

Have everyone bring tape, scissors and their supply of holiday wrap and bows, along with the gifts they have waiting to be covered.  With the additional paper supply, you can mix and match and you'll have a bigger array under the tree (throwing some people off)!

Since you'll be busy and don't want your fingers all sticky, keep the snacks to a minimum and low key. (after all, we're saving ourselves for the snacks and treats at the holiday parties, right?)

Taste of Home's Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Think outside the box when wrapping Christmas gifts this holiday season with these clever ideas:

  • Go Beyond Gift Wrap. On some of our pretty packages, we used white butcher block paper, faux suede and tulle. Other ideas include felt, flannel, dish towels, newspaper, magazine pages and brown paper bags.
  • Get Rid of Ribbon. Secure a wrapped bottle of wine with a girl's ponytail or wrap a necktie around a box (both ideas shown above.) You can also use twine, raffia, gold wire and upholstery trim. For a little girl, tie on a new jump rope!
  • Easy Embellishments. Dress up a wrapped gift with inexpensive things like pom-poms or feathers. Other finishing touches include pine sprigs, pinecones, small jingle bells and cinnamon sticks.
  • You can even add a little extra gift on the outside of the package. Tie on a silver key ring, a cookie cutter or candy canes.