Endo, a mastiff, showed up at the Superior Animal Allies shelter as a stray.  With the modern technology of micro-chipping pets, they were able to see where Endo came from, which was a long way from here!

Discovering who Endo belonged to was the easy part. Getting him back home is where Endo’s story became interesting. Endo’s owners live in Cape Coral, Florida. Denise and Tom Hartzog brought the Neoploitan Mastiff into their home in December 2010 after responding to an ad for a free dog.
The previous owner was a family in Kentucky. Endo lived with the Florida family for about five months before he and their yellow lab, Duke, broke out if the fenced yard and ran off. According to the Hartzogs, “There is a canal across from our house and that’s where they were last seen. We had looked for them for a week, when a neighbor told us he saw our lab get attacked by an alligator and when we didn't see Endo we assumed the same happened to him, too. Our family was very sad.”
How Endo arrived in the Twin Ports and where he lived the last 20 months remains a mystery.


Fortunately a person already making the trip to Florida offered to take Endo back to his original owners, since they aren't in a position to make the trip here.  Endo was scheduled to leave this morning at 9 am, after a send off party at the shelter.

This is a great example of how micro_chipping can help find your pet if it ever gets lost.  If you mention Endo's name at either the Duluth or Superior Animal Allies, they will give you a $5 off coupon for micro-chipping your pet!