I didn't even KNOW what Buckthorn was, let alone know it was dangerous.  I thought it looked pretty until I began to read that they can choke out our native plants and make our wildlife ill.  If you have Buckthorn on your property, learn how to control it at FREE workshops compliments of  Hartley Nature Center.

It’s everywhere in Duluth-you’ve probably seen this invader in your neighborhood or maybe even in your back yard. Blending in well with many native plants, it can be tall, green, and quite healthy well into the fall. Despite its “good” looks, the invasive, non-native buckthorn can be devastating to native plants, trees, and wildlife habitat. To combat this invader, Hartley Nature Center is holding two community Buckthorn Workshops to inform residents about this plant and how to control it. The free public sessions will be held on Saturday, April 28 from 10-11:30am and on Wednesday, May 9 from 6:30-8pm.

Community members are invited to Hartley Nature Center to learn about buckthorn control methods they can use in their yards and neighborhoods. They can also walk through the demonstration area to see first hand the impact of buckthorn and can return to the same area to look at the results of future restoration efforts.

Info via: Brett Amundson; Hartley Nature Center