Lucky, the "spokes sheep" of the Lake Superior Zoo is frantic to get the word out!  She is afraid some of her friends (other residence of the Lake Superior Zoo),  won't get a gift on Christmas morning....without your help.  You'll find a holiday tree with all the animals wishes on tags in the Tiger's Paw Gift Shop.  But, I promised Lucky I'd let her speak to you, so here she is!



  • Popcorn kernals - unflavored
  • Wicker baskets
  • Large bells
  • Hunting lures scents (deer, fox)
  • Baking extracts


  • Large dog igloo (this item is the most needed and is intended for one of our wolves)
  • CD players w/ radio (for music enrichment)
  • Large/small plastic kiddie pools
  • 6-7" Rawhide bones (Made in the USA)
  • Large plastic garbage cans

Barnyard: (We've received the fewest items for this area)

  • Scoops for grain
  • Floating de-icer for the duck pond
  • Large brush heads (
  • Salt/mineral block holders
  • 50 gallon barrels


  • Reptile dishes and hideaways
  • Parrot toys (Conure to Amazon size)
  • Rodent chew toys/hay balls
  • Bath towels
  • Hard nuts in the shell (unsalted)

All areas would love and appreciate gift cards to Menard's, Home Depot, Petco, Michael's, Super One, and Cub Foods.

Thank you so much for your time, energy and willingness to help your friends at the Lake Superior Zoo.  Holiday blessings to your family from the Lake Superior Zoo family!