Seriously?  What the heck is this.  Don't ask me why I was on the Mother Nature Network, but I was.  I think I clicked from one link to another, and then another, and then I saw this article.  "Why Does My Cat Bite When I Pet Her."  Our fussy little cat bites all of us.  Why?  I don't know.  That's why I clicked the link.  Here's the answer.Turns out it has to do with several things.  Including this creepy as hell excerpt from the article:

“It’s not unusual for a cat to walk up and purr and rub against your legs, then when you pet them, they turn and bite or scratch, making people feel betrayed or confused,” Collins says. Try not to get frustrated. She notes that repetitive stroking causes sudden arousal in some cats, and that feeling can be unpleasant — like a shock from static electricity. “It’s an individual cat thing that can happen at varying ages,” she says.

Uh, what?  I hope they don't mean that kind of arousal.  Our cat will rub up on our legs, meow incessantly and flop around on our lap until we pet her.  2 strokes in, she turns around and bites.  I just thought she was playing around, but stupid me.  She's too aroused for me to continue.  This is the most bizarre thing I've ever typed.

So basically, learn your cat's limitations.   Apparently as a man, I have to try to figure out when both my wife and my cat are in the mood for a little bit of petting.  Great.