Peggy... Oh Peggy.  You home-wrecker!  Kimberly Williams Paisley joins the cast as a guest star, playing Teddy's lady on the side.  We all knew about Rayna's emotional roller coaster with Dean, but Teddy's actual affair came out of nowhere!  From what last night's episode showed us, this cheating mess with Teddy and Peggy is still pretty fresh.Teddy tells Peggy that they can't do this anymore because of the election and that it will destroy both of their families.  Will it really be over?  We will have to see.  Plus, Rayna and Dean could be over as partners after an argument.

Juliette Barnes pick pocketing blows up and she doesn't handle it well at first.  She begs her manager not to quit on her, and he agrees to stay on with her if she starts fessing up to what she did.

Skylar & Gunnar become songwriters, and he's got a new flame with a co-worker.  Meanwhile, Skylar and Avery's relationship is in trouble as jealousy over her success continues to develop for Avery.

Another week full of drama in Nashville!