I've been paying particularly close attention to this season of NBC's "The Voice," because my cousin's friend Kat Perkins is competing.  Long story short, I've been watching every episode religiously.  The other night I got goosebumps watching a performance from Jake Worthington and Tess Boyer.  It was amazing.

The first battle round that Jake had was singing Thomas Rhett's "It Goes Like This" VS Lexi Luca.  That performance didn't do anything for me.  I don't know if it was the song selection, or the stage presence, but I really didn't think either deserved to advance.  Jake ended up winning.

Now, fast forward to this last Monday.  I think this is the best performance I've seen on a reality singing competition.  Both of them were stellar.  Tess draws you in with her first note, and Jake surprises the hell out of you.  I never would have expected that this rural, country kid, could sing like that.  It was amazing!

I think the song worked well for both of them, and I believe that both have a shot at winning this.  I think Blake was right to pick Jake, not because he neccessarily did better, but because Blake could do more with Jake than Tess.  Also, I'm sure it was obvious to Jake that somebody would steal Tess in a heartbeat.  It must have been tough to let her go to another team.

I can't wait for next week, where Minneapolis's Kat Perkins will battle!