Growing up in Wrenshall, I had great tasting well water.  And the word Bling did not yet exist in my vocabulary.   I own bling, but I've never drank it.....yet!  The tap water we have in our area is better tasting then places I've visited (unless you have old rusty pipes).  Some of my friends won't "buy" water.  I suppose it's all in how and where you grew up.  But, I DO like bling!  Some lucky ducks evidently were use to some pretty awesome spend $2,600 on it!

Bling H2O promises to quench consumers' thirst for both "award-winning" spring water and the luxe life. Part of a wave of high-end bottled water launches in recent years, Bling's elixir starts at $20 for a small bottle and can run as much as $2,600 if you opt for a 750-milliliter vessel hand-encrusted with more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals. (Display case and white gloves included.)

The Reality: The bottle might scream L.A., but the water comes from a more humble source: the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The company that bottles the water for Bling says its water is sold under about 90 brand names in the U.S. including one that prices its bottles at $2.49 each, available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations. (Drinkers who prefer a glass bottle, which better preserves taste, can buy the Tennessee water under yet another name, for $35 a case.) Bling's founder, Kevin Boyd, doesn't dispute that his company's water comes from the Tennessee bottler but says the "couture" packaging justifies its price, especially with its hand-applied crystals and customizable designs. "I'm not just selling a water," he says, "but a lifestyle."

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