It's a week that comes with much anticipation and excitement with the Greater Downtown Council.  Duluth's Downtown Sidewalk Days & Street Dances.  They will be held July 11-14 with lots of shopping, food, fun and activities. On Wednesday you can can catch the Classic Car Show and Harley Review.  On Thursday there's a Fitger's Grill Wars event, and that's just to name a few of the festivities.  Get all the activity details [here].

Of course, there will be some traffic changes and road closures that motorists should be aware of during the four day celebration.  There are as follows:

Superior Street from lake Ave to 4th Ave W will be closed to all vehicle traffic Wednesday July 11th thru Friday July 13th from 8:00am – 6:0pm each day. The Avenues will be open at these times, with the following exceptions:

On Wednesday July 11th, from 3:30pm-9:00pm the Superior Street closure will expand from5th Ave W to 3rd Ave E to include the Classic Car Show and Harley Review. During this time, all avenues will be closed for traffic EXCEPT 3rd Ave East, Lake Avenue, and 5th Ave West.

Superior Street should be open to traffic by 9:00pm.

On Thursday July 12th from 3:00pm – 9:00pm, traffic will be detoured off Superior Street around the Fitger’s complex for the Fitger’s Grill Wars event. At 4th Avenue East traffic will be detoured up to 1st Street. East bound traffic will be allowed to access the Pickwick and the Fitger’s businesses and lots.

At 8th Avenue East traffic will also be detoured up to 1st Street. West bound traffic will be allowed access to VaBene, Portland Malt Shop, and Fitger’s Inn businesses and lots.

On Friday, July 8, from 6:30pm-12midnight, Roscoe’s Pioneer and Ace’s bars will host street dances in the 100 and 300 blocks of West 1st Street. 1st Street between 1st Ave W - 2nd Ave W, and 3rd Ave W - 4th Ave W. will be barricaded to any traffic and posted no parking.

On Saturday, July 9, from 5:00pm-12midnight, Dubh Linn’s Irish Pub will host a street dance in the 100 block of West Superior Street. Superior Street between 1 st Ave W. – 2nd Ave W. will be barricaded to any traffic and posted no parking.

DTA buses and the Port Town Trolley will use East bound Michigan Street to 3rd Avenue East, and West bound First Street during the Wednesday – Friday Sidewalk Days street closures. Watch for posted NO PARKING signs for temporary bus stops.

The Downtown Transit Center and Holiday Center Bus Stop will not be serviced by buses during Sidewalk Days street closures. DTA customers are advised to transfer at the Library or Radisson bus stops for connections to other buses.

Please be alert to Police Officers directing traffic, pedestrians, barricaded roadways, and posted no parking areas during these events.