Yes, I've lived in the Northland all my life, but THIS was only the third hockey game I have EVER attended!!!  That leaves many questions unanswered (because my daughter got sick of answering them!)  WHY, when a player drops their stick on the ice do they leave it laying there and skate back to the bench?  Why not pick it up and continue on with the game?

WHY do they announce the person who scored the goal five minutes AFTER the goal has been scored and not right away?

WHY do they only play for a minute or two at a time?Seems they just get in the groove and then have to boogie it back to the bench.  Do they call it a bench?

And my biggest question?  WHY do they serve ice cream at a game that it's so cold???  Not that I'm complaining, mind's one of my favorite parts!!!

I'm sure there is a good answer to all my questions...DO YOU KNOW?  I'm lovin' it and I can see UMD Bulldog Season tickets in my future!!!  They play the Gophers this week-end.....GO DOGS!!!!