I know it's Wednesday, but I just had to share these photos with you.

The night started with going to get pizza, then Sam had to sit down and "go into make up". Sam's favorite band is KISS (he calls them ra-band) and he wanted to be oooo yeah guy (translation, Gene Simmons, he calls him oooo yeah guy because that's what he says a lot in their videos) and so this meant  getting his make up just right so he looked like Mr. oooo yeah guy. I've done it before, I was Peter Criss (the cat guy) in the 5th grade, so I was going to do his make up. What I can't believe is that Sam sat still for the 15-20 minutes it took me to do his make up. I think I did a good job, but you can be the judge.

JJ dressed up at Harry Potter. Good choice! He looks just like him too. Very minimal prep on that costume, but since I was the make up guy, I applied the scar to his forehead. It's in the shap of a lightning bolt. I don't know why, but I know anyone who reads Harry Potter books does.

Carles (said Car-less) is our foreign exchange student and didn't have a plan, but wanted something he could wear a jacket under. He picked a pumpkin outfit my wife Laurie had and it worked nicely for the jacket stunt.

We started to Trick or Treat at 5:45pm. I thought that was a bit early, but as it turned out people were mostly home and ready to give candy. Later you'll find out what a genius move it was. First street we hit and the people were nice and gave out 2,3,4 pieces of candy and one guy even made bags of 10 candies in it. WOW! We went on both sides of the street, then headed to the next, when we got halfway down that street I ran into my friend "marathon" Jill. (Her nickname is because I always see her running). She wasn't running, just walking her dog, but she gave me the heads up to hit the next block over too because the decorations were so good.

When we got to the next street over, it was dark and Jill was right, the decorations were FA-BU-LOUS!! People put up lots of lights and decorations, One house (you can see in the pics) had smoke that was linked to you walking down the sidewalk. Skulls, sets, cemetary set ups, all kinds of Halloween stuff.

We hit the whole block, both sides then came back to the second block we went to and finished the other side. The kids were excited because there was a house on the route that gives out Shasta soda and so they kept saying, "how long before the pop house". We hit the pop house and a couple more and decided to head home. Everyone was tired, Sam had taken off his Gene Simmons hair, and was begging to get his make up fixed. JJ wasn't holding his wand anymore, and Carles looked like a flamboyant pregnant man in an orange suit......we were all tired.

When we walked in the door to sort candy we noticed it was before 8pm. The kids could sort and eat some candy before bed. JJ went on a speed eating binge, Sam was unwrapping and eating as fast as we told him what it was, and all I could hear Carles saying was.......WOW! Dis is all free?!!! I like Halloween!! Turns out it was his first time doing this. Getting back to what I said before, genius of us to head early, we had plenty of time to sit up and visit and sort candy and calm down before bed.

I will tell you this, I had the crappiest beginning to Halloween, but I had the best end. The day ended with everyone tired and ready to hit the sack as I laid down with Sam and talked about how he looked just like oooo yeah guy and listened to KISS before everyone fell asleep.