I tend to agree with the governor in that the concerns of our law officers needs to be taken into account as they are the ones who would deal with this type of activity more than the average citizen.  What are your thoughts?


Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday vetoed a bill that would have expanded the cases in which people could use deadly force, siding with objections from law enforcement who said it could legalize murder in some cases.

In his veto letter, Dayton cited opposition to the bill from police groups.

“When they strongly oppose a measure, because they believe it will increase the dangers to them in the performance of their duties, I cannot support it,” Dayton wrote.

The bill didn’t have enough votes to suggest an override of the veto would be successful.

The state already has what’s known as the castle doctrine, a provision that allows the use deadly force in defending a home or dwelling. The new bill would have expanded the definition of dwelling to include a hotel room, tent, car or boat.

via Governor vetoes expansion of use of deadly force | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota.