If you have issues with your storm sewer drain system, don't like the pot holes on your road, want to discuss taxes for your neighborhood, need to discuss the job situation in our area, or just want to give the Mayor an "atta boy"! You have that opportunity to get face to face with him next Tuesday.

Mayor Don Ness enjoys chatting with the public and hearing your comments and concerns. Next Tuesday, October 30, will be another "Mayor's Night". Meetings start at 5p, but are first come, first serve and you can start signing up at 4:30. If you can't make it until after 5p due to your work schedule, or other conflict, don't worry. The meetings will continue until each person in attendance has had the chance to speak with Mayor Ness.

Meetings are held in the Fourth Floor Reception Room, which is Room 405 of Duluth City Hall (411 West First Street).

If you can't make it this month, mark it on the calendar for next month.  ‘Mayor’s Night’ events are usually scheduled on the last Tuesday of each month at City Hall, giving residents the opportunity to meet with Mayor Ness and senior city staff.

I think we're lucky to have a Mayor that has an open door policy and is so accessible to those who want to give ideas, suggestions and voice their concerns. Thanks, Mayor Ness!