With our wedding just days away, it's time for us to put the final pieces of the large puzzle together.  I know understand why people hire wedding planners.  There are so  many moving parts to this wedding, that it would have been nice to have someone co-coordinating it all.  Up until yesterday, my fiance and I had time messed up for the rehearsal.  She thought it was at 3:30, I thought it was at 5:30.  Wheew, glad we caught that one!  It makes me a little nervous about what else we may have not communicated on.

We just finished our seating charts for our guests.  Sounds simple, right?  Nope.  When you have two divorced families as our parents, things can get a little interesting.  I think we have everything figured out.  :)

Here's what we have done in the last few hours and what still needs to be done.  Stay with me...

We've got rings to polish, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts to pass out, rehearsal is set, rehearsal dinner is planned.  Music is picked out for the wedding, the wedding ceremony is planned, we have sand crystals to pick up, flowers to get, final menu and rsvp's to pay for, tuxes to pick up.... AHHH!

I'm excited for the biggest day of our lives, but I'm also excited for it to just to happen and roll with it.  These have got to be the most stressful days yet of the wedding planning.