Downtown employees can stop leaving early for work because they have to search for a parking spot.  Shoppers will have the parking ramp back just in time for holiday shopping.  Construction is done and the concrete is not only repaired, but cleaned too.

The City of Duluth say the repairs and cleaning have been completed at the East Superior Street Public Ramp and will reopen for parking on Friday, October 26.morning.

  • Are you curious what was done while you were temporarily forced to search for a different parking spot?  Alot, here's the list:
  • Replaced two large areas of significantly deteriorated concrete, totaling about 400 square feet, on the top floor of the facility.
  • Repaired one weight-bearing column and two weight-bearing haunches.
  • Repaired 20 ceiling leaks throughout the facility.
  • Repaired 2 pipe leaks.
  • Machine swept entire facility.
  • Pressure washed all levels.
  • Painted parking space lines throughout the facility.
  • Cleaned elevator cab glass and the interior of the elevator column glass.
  • Patched and painted west wall of the attendant booth.
  • Earlier this month, the following elevator performance repairs also were completed at
  • the ramp:
  • Replaced elevator door gibbs and adjusted doors.
  • Replaced door locks.
  • Replaced door operator belt.
  • Replaced stop roller on the door operator.
  • Replaced bearing block assembly on the door operator.
  • Replaced door clutch rollers.
  • Replaced contacts on the cab gate switch.
  • Replaced starter contacts.
  • Replaced burned-out bulbs.
  • Lubricated jack packings.
  • Cleaned cab top and pit.

They plan on doing a few more aesthetic enhancements over the coming weeks, but will remain open to the public.

Info via:  City of Duluth