(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

f you are going to make a career out of stealing vehicles, you probably would want to brush up on your driving skills.  Or at least know some of the basic things about a vehicle you might be stealing.  This idiot didn't quite understand that there is a possibility of Porsche having a manual transmission.

Anthony Reynolds carjacked a Porsche at gunpoint.  The driver ran away and flagged a passing police officer.  With police approaching the Porsche, Reynolds stalled the vehicle, and couldn't take off.

Reynolds, who couldn’t drive a manual transmission, stalled the 480-horsepower, six-speed engine, Fishman said.

With police approaching, and still unable to get the Porsche running, Reynolds bolted on foot, said Fishman. After a brief chase, he was caught.

He's now facing 15 years in prison.  Read more about the bizzarre crime at nj.com.