Clean up and repair continue across the Northland since our devastating flood on June 20.  See flood pictures [here].  Trails, bridges and roadways were impassable and/or gone all together.  We were already  seeking alternative routes to work,  child care, to almost everywhere due to our regular season of construction.  Now, there are additional roadways that work has started on and you should be aware to save time and frustration.

jAs I mentioned there was significant damage done by our Northland floods.  It caused significant erosion along the embankments of Chester Park Drive leading up to Chester Park.

Yesterday, crews worked on soil stabilization today they will be using specialized equipment that drives 20 foot rods into the side of the hill. The rods and soil are then covered with a mesh followed by a synthetic retaining wall system.

It's a loud process, people in this area may hear booming sounds while they are working and it could  take several days to finish.  They will still be in the area next week as additional soil stabilization work is planned for Skyline Parkway  near the entrance to Chester Park.

It's important that as much roadwork and repair gets done before the snow flies.  We all know that scenario isn't THAT far away.  Try to be patient throughout the rest of our road construction process, we'll be snow blowin' before you know it!