Remember when the bookmobile use to come to your neighborhood?  Ok, well...I don't.  We didn't have that service in the rural area of Wrenshall when I was growing up.  But, I did ride my bike to the Carlton Public Library in the summer, I loved reading!  The Duluth Public Library is starting a service reminiscent of the bookmobile, but will use volunteers delivering to shut-ins.  What a great idea!

The new Home Delivery Service program is expected to start in the late spring. Volunteers are needed to select and deliver books to people in the community who are not able to physically visit the library.

They had tried this service back in 2008, but had to discontinue it due to budget and staffing cuts.  Now with the help of the community, they are hoping to resurrect it because it's needed in the community and will be greatly appreciated by all who benefit from it.

The number of volunteers who commit to the program will determine the number of people who will be able to receive the service.  Residents have requested this service over the past few years.  When they discontinued it in 2008 they had nearly 100 participants. The library hopes that there is enough volunteer interest to meet at least half that number and will grow from there.

If you have questions, please call Cheryl Skafte, Volunteer Coordinator, at 218-730-4334 or email her at Please submit your application by Friday, March 29.