We hailed him as a hero.  Any Olympian is an inspiration based on their dedication to their sport, but to have to train to be the best of the best while also being a double amputee and overcoming that obstacle had people across the world in awe.  Once again, for a reason on the entirely other end of the spectrum, Oscar Pistorius has the world in awe, this time...for the murder of his girlfriend.


Model Reeva Steenkamp was the girlfriend of 26 year old Olympian Oscar Pistorius.  Her publicist  confirmed she had died Thursday, Valentine's Day, of gunshot wounds at Pistorius’ home.  According to msn.com he was charged with murder.

A South African Police spokeswoman  said Reeva and Oscar were the only people present when the shooting took place and that she had been shot twice, in the head and the hand.

Officials say there was no forced entry and they plan to deny the 26-year-old Olympian bail.

In a statement, Oscar's father, Henke Pistorius said, " “I don’t know nothing. It will be extremely obnoxious and rude to speculate. I don’t know the facts. If anyone makes a statement, it will be Oscar. He’s sad at the moment.”

To refresh your memory, Pistorius is the double-amputee who ran in the Olympics with specialized carbon-fiber blade prosthesis, which earned him the nickname “Blade Runner.” It also landed him on E Online’s 10 Most Inspiring Stars of the Year.