Finally, a group of men, women and canines are recognized for their dedication to protect you, your family and our community.  Congratulations to the Duluth Police Department.  They are finalists for the Community Policing Awards for their  Blight and Nuisance Crime Project.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) announced that in addition to four agencies selected to receive the 2013 IACP and Cisco Systems Community Policing Award, there are seven agencies selected as finalists and one agency was given special recognition for efforts involving homeland security.

Their entries demonstrate the meaningful change that can occur when law enforcement officials and their communities are empowered to utilize all available resources for crime prevention and improvement of quality of life.


Vail, CO, Police Department

Madison City, AL, Police Department

St. Louis Park, MN, Police Department

City of Duluth, MN, Police Department

Grand Prairie, TX, Police Department

Dayton, OH, Police Department

Hong Kong Police (Project New Dawn)


The Duluth Police Department was chosen as a finalist for creating a Blight and Nuisance Crime Project. This is a collaborative project between the City of Duluth’s Police Department and Attorney’s Office to address the “quality of life” blight & nuisance crimes plaguing two Duluth Police patrol zones. The project assigned a full time Community Police Officer to deal with law enforcement and a full time City Attorney to coordinate judicial issues to address chronic blight and nuisance crime offenders. The Blight and Nuisance Crime Project succeeded in improving the sharing of information about chronic offenders between prosecutors, judges and the police thereby improving the criminal justice system. The Community Intervention Group helped designate and locate resources for indigent and chronic perpetrators of nuisance crimes allowing them access to resources that could help initiate reparations of their past.