Some time ago I wrote a blog about dog-friendly places in the Northland.  I was surprised to find that there weren't that many parks on the list.  That can change and hopefully with your help, it will.  Your input is needed, mark your calendar for the upcoming Dog Park Task Force meeting.

The City of Duluth Dog Park Task Force meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25th at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Lafayette Community Recreation Center, 3026 Minnesota Avenue.

You will be exploring possible opportunities for additional dog parks in Duluth.  Up until this time, we visited the only one I knew of  the Keene Creek Dog Park at Grand Avenue and I-35.  There’s lots of green grass to run and play on, and if we’re lucky, there are other dogs to play with (or at least do a little organized sniffing)!

The park is open from 8a-10p. Bring water for your pup, there’s none available at the park and they'll be thirsty with all that exercise. And, there are no bathrooms for humans, as for your dog, the world is their bathroom!