At the November meeting on this subject,  a whole host of ideas were suggested, from parking to a shopping center to a manufacturing plant, even a casino!  The second meeting to review reuse of the Central High School (the one with the most awesome view of Lake Superior) will be held on December 14.  What do you think the City should do with the property?  Voice your opinion, and be part of our City's history.

The City of Duluth Community Development and Planning Divisions will be convening a public meeting to review recommendations for the reuse of Central High School as a follow up to the public meeting held in November.

At that meeting, participants provided input and suggestions to City staff.   Staff will present the public's recommendations and be available for questions. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM in Duluth City Hall, Room 303.

The matter will then be considered by the Duluth Planning Commission at a public hearing in 2012 before being presented to the Duluth City Council. Any community members with interest in this matter are highly recommended to attend the community meeting.

Questions can be directed to Keith Hamre in the Community Development Office at (218)  730-5480.