You’ve heard of the Bucket list? Things you want to do before you die. What about things you’ve done in your life. I’ve seen this many times in emails and even found a few blogs on the internet with some of these things. So, I borrowed some from many lists and put together my own list. Look it over, take the quiz and then leave a message with your sex (male or female) and your score.

1.   smoked a cigartette
2.  smoked a cigar
3.  smoked weed
4.   kissed someone of the same sex
5.   drank alcohol
6.    thrown up from too much drinking
7.    been in love
8.    been dumped
9.    shoplifted
10.  been fired
11.  been in a fist fight
12.  snuck out of parent’s house
13.  loved and wasn’t loved back
14.  been arrested
15.  made out with a stranger
16.  went on blind date
17.  had a crush on someone older than you
18.  skipped classes/school
19.  slept with a co-worker
20.  seen someone/something die
21.  had a crush on one of your friends
22.  been to Europe
23.  been on a plane
24.  done something that should have killed me
25.  been snowboarding
26.  eaten sushi
27.  went out with someone from facebook
28.  been mosh pitting
29.  been in an abusive relationship
30.  taken pain killers (not Tylenol, the good stuff)
31.  love/like someone now
32.  laid on your back and just looked at clouds
33.  made a snowman
34.  been a part of a little tea party
35.  flown a kite
36.  built a sand castle
37.  gone puddle jumping
38.  played dress up
39.  gone sledding
40.  cheated while playing a game
41.  been lonely, but liked it
42.  fallen asleep at work
43.  used a fake or someone elses ID
44.  watched the sun set
45.  felt an earthquake
46.  killed an animal
47.  been tickled
48.  been robbed/vandalized
49.  robbed someone/stole from someone
50.  been misunderstood
51.  pet a reindeer
52.  won a contest/prize
53.  been suspended from school
54.  served detention
55.  been in car or motorcycle accident
56.  had braces/retainer
57.  ate a whole pint of ice cream in one night
58.  had déjà vu
59.  believe in ghosts/seen a ghost
60.  danced in the moonlight
61.  hate the way I look
62.  witnessed a crime
63.  pole danced or stripped
64.  questioned my heart
65.  woke up naked in bed with someone
66.  walked barefoot in mud
67.  been really lost
68.  been to the opposite side of the world
69.  swam in the ocean
70.  felt like you were dying
71.  cried yourself to sleep
72.  played cops and robbers
73.  recently colored with crayons/colored pencils
74.  sang karaoke
75.  paid for meal with only coins
76.  done something you said you would never do
77.  made a prank phone call(s)
78.  laughed and made a beverage come out your nose
79.  kissed in the rain/or water
80.  wrote a letter to santa
81.  been kissed under mistletoe
82.  blown bubbles
83.  made a bonfire
84.  crashed a party
85.  road tripped more that a couple of hours with a car full of people
86.  gone roller skating/blading
87.  had a wish come true
88.  gone skinny dipping with opposite sex present
89.  had your tongue stuck to pole/metal
90.  went on a double date as favor to friend
91.  talked on the phone more than 5 hours
92.  stayed up more than 48 hours
93.  been in a tree house
94.  picked fruit off tree and ate it there
95.  had sex outdoors
96.  climbed a tree
97.  if you had a pass, would sleep with a celebrity
98.  have been to the top of empire state building
99.  speak another language well enough to be dropped there now and make it
100.know someone famous
My score was 94, so what’s your score?