My husband and I were talking about drinking through a straw last night and I said, "Remember those crazy straws?  The ones that were all curly? I use to love drinking my chocolate milk through it!"  He said, "YES!  Loved mine, EVERY kid had one of those growing up!"  Really?  Every kid?

I asked Ken, my co-host and yup, he had one too!  So, I'm curious, did you have one?

They were cool, but now that I think back, what a pain to wash, especially if you didn't rinse it out and just let it stagnate on the counter and what kid doesn't do that?  We didn't have a dishwasher (unless you count me) and I'm not sure they were dishwasher safe back then.  I stopped using mine but for years it was always there, every time I opened the drawer.  It's one of the things I wish I never got rid of!

I thought this vintage commercial was cool, a great way to bring back great memories as a kid!  After checking  with the krazy straw website, it was evident they have expanded their selection.  I just might have to order one, actually two, my husband wants one too!