Two years ago, I ran the Katie Poirier Memorial 5K and came in 2nd, to a woman wearing ankle weights.  Wait....WHAT?  So, this past Friday, I was a determined girl.

The 5K is part of Barnum's Spring Fever Days.  We arrived early to register,  size up the competition and plan strategy. Then, boarded the school bus that would take us to the start line.  (btw, thanks to our driver for having B105 on!)  It was a nice night for a race, not to hot, but the sun was shining....a bit on the windy side, but sometimes it swirled so it was a tail wind.

The race is run on the Willard Munger Trail, so it was comfortable and allowed for the number of runners racing.  Did I say comfortable???  Well, until I realized how dry my mouth was and needed to I KNOW I ain't no lady, but when it comes to spitting, I ain't no man.  Before long, I was wearing the sticky saliva...after that embarrasing moment....I decided....move on, don't waste time.  So, that I did....finishing with a personal best time of 27:02 and 1st place in my age division (which will remain unidentified).

Thanks to Katie's family, the town of Barnum and all the volunteers that make this event possible!  It was fun to run and visiting with y'all!  I'll be back next year to defend my title!!