4 Fun Ways to Get Around Canal Park in Duluth
There is a lot to see when you visit Canal Park in Duluth, MN.  Whether you are a local or someone who is visiting from out of town you can choose a variety of ways to get around and ensure you see all there is to offer and most modes of transportation add FUN to the equation.
Northland Motorists Should Be On The Lookout For Turtles on Roads
Over the next several weeks, turtles will be on the move to familiar nesting locations and that means that they will slowly be making their way across roads.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the allowing turtles to cross the roads is vital to preserving regional populations.
As Soon As The Weather Gets Nicer People Drive Like Idiots
Today was a legitimately nice day in the Northland.  Temperatures hit the 70s and it felt just nice.  The sun was out, I was driving back from an appointment in Carlton, when I nearly was taken off the road by a car that cut into my lane on I 35.  I shrugged it off, kept my cool and kept going.   Ju…

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