9th Street East Bound at 6th Ave East Closed Through Friday
While driving home from Minneapolis this weekend, I noticed a couple of signs announcing construction projects about to begin on I-35 that will impact northbound traffic.  It's that time of the year and Monday the City of Duluth announced a project within the city.
Airline Memories: Real Plates, Real Silverware And Hot Food
Once again I’m taking you back to the day when air travel was fun, not as expensive and you could keep your shoes on. About the same time that smoking was still allowed on planes, they also used real food plates with silverware and a cup and saucer.  If you're old enough to…
Oliver Bridge Repair Schedule Announced
The Douglas County Highway Department has announced through their Facebook page that Oliver Bridge work is scheduled to begin on or around April 17, causing weekday closures and limited hours for special events.
When Did Personal Travel Pillows Become So Trendy
The last time I flew was to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and that was when I purchased my first U-shaped travel pillow.  Last week while we were walking through the airport I noticed that almost everyone had a travel pillow.  It was either around their neck, tied to their car…
This Video Will Scare You To Slow Down on Icy Roads [VIDEO]
If you can remain calm while watching this video, there is something wrong with you.  This string of accidents happened back in 2014 in Montana, and they are using it as a tool to teach drivers to slow down!  Traffic whizzes by within inches of a woman who was ejected after an accident on …

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