Duluth Transit Authority Gets Grant For Six Electric Buses
People in the Northland have been anxiously watching the Duluth Transit Authority's Multimodal Transportation Center take shape in downtown Duluth.  The DTA has been around for more than 130 years.  Their mission is to provide public transit that is safe, convenient, efficient and aff…
Cathy Kates: Two Accidents, One Day
It was a Monday.  Mondays don't usually bother me, but this particular Monday I needed a do over.  Two accidents in one day.  One involved a shopping cart, one involved an oblivious man who ran me off the road!
Weekend Travel Adisory And Parking Information For Bentleyville
The weather has certainly cooperated for families to get out and enjoy Bentleyville early this year!  Last weekend we were driving Southbound on I-35 and saw a HUGE back-up on the Northbound lanes near Bentleyville.  I immediately asked my husband if there was a UMD hockey game, symphony performance…

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