Be An Astronaut And Orbit Over Earth. [VIDEO]
Ever wonder what it would be like to travel in space over our planet? Do you have $25 million dollars to blow on that trip? Here's where Priceline might not be able to help you. Imagine that phone call, "can you book me on a space ship flight for August?"...I think you would h…
UMD’s Planetarium Celebrates With Astronomy Day
Have you ever been to the planetarium at UMD?  As a child I use to love going there for field trips.  It was so much fun for us kids and interesting for the chaperones.  If you haven't been there or haven't been there for some time, consider going during Astronomy Day.
Alien Body May Have Been Discovered in Russia [VIDEO]
A small corpse was found near a Russian Power Plant, and local experts can't determine what species it is.  Some go as far to say that it could not possibly be from this planet.  Originally it was thought to be a mutated chicken embryo, but that has been ruled out.  Sure looks li…

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