$360 Million US Tax Dollars Wind Up In Taliban’s Pockets
Yes, a fraction of your money that you pay in taxes has gone directly into the pockets of the people our soldiers are fighting.  In this case, with the war in Afghanistan,  aid money the US government has paid to the community and governments ends up in Taliban hands.
Aghanistan is a very c…
Filmmaker Michael Moore Thinks Matt Damon Should Run For President
Would you vote for him?  While purely speculation, it is obviously not too crazy to have actors hold public office.
Matt Damon is clearly one actor who's not afraid of a good political debate, but could he run for president?
Filmmaker Michael Moore doesn't really see why he couldn't. While participati…
Obama Signs Debt Bill After Final Senate Vote
The Biggest Question I have, I thought the government was elected to serve us, not their party or the rich???!!!!!
The Senate emphatically passed emergency legislation Tuesday to avoid a first-ever government default, rushing the legislation to President Barack Obama for his signature just hours befo…
White House, Congressional Leaders Reach Debt Deal
While still not a 100% done deal at this moment, it is encouraging news.  Just like we did under George W. Bush,  we again appeared poised to raise the debt ceiling under Barack Obama as part of a last minute deal.
Two days before the deadline for a possible U.S. government default, President Barack…
Debt Ceiling Crisis For Dummies
I think we can agree that everyone knows what debt is, and at this point should know that the United States has a ton of it.  Trillions of it.  So what's the debt ceiling all about and does it really matter?  Oh yeah.  Big Time.  We could be back in a full scale recessi…
The End Of Minnesota State Shutdown Appears Within Sight
The end of the shutdown seemed on the horizon late last week, then both sides met and things slowed down.  While there are seemingly some hard feelings from both sides it, looks like there is starting to be some progress in getting Minnesota back to work and having services restored.
A state governm…

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