Scott Walker Recall Primary Election Confusing To Some Voters
Today I went and voted in the WI Recall Primaries.  This was my first time voting in a few years, but seeing that I've finally settled down, picked my home, and decided to get more politically active I went out to vote.  I was surprised that at 3:30 PM there was a line at my polling place.  There wa…
Best Country Artist for President – Readers Poll
To date, no country stars have offered their names as candidates for the US presidency, but that won’t stop us from wondering what it would be like if stars like Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire and Hank Williams Jr. traded in their tour bus for a seat on Airforce One. Which country music s…
Duluth Lands Aviation Jobs With AAR Agreement
We knew Duluth was on the short list of cities that could get this opportunity.  Now we have confirmation that hiring could start as early as summer if all goes well.  Congratulations to all involved in the process and hopefully this helps create momentum in the Northland economy.
Dayton Decries Photo ID Push With A ‘Veto’
I posted a story on this last week and thought that it wasn't a bad idea to require more identification to vote.  My point was that government issued ID's are required for the most basic things such as opening a checking account so why not require such identification for something as …
Photo ID Amendment Passes Senate, Heads To Voters
This amendment would make it a requirement to have a government issued photo ID in order to vote in Minnesota.  I was actually amazed when I moved, and then registered to vote in my new location, how little verification was actually required.
In my opinion, you need
Recall Election Officially Ordered For Republican Gov. Scott Walker
There has been only two successful gubernatorial recalls in United States history.  This is how a democracy is supposed to work, right?  Putting things ultimately into the hands of the people.  Or is there more at play in this situation?  I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you support thi…
Open Mic Gives An Ear To Private Obama Conversation.
President Obama's conversation with the Russian President was caught on an open mic.
The two leaders were having a hushed conversation and apparently, a mic was close by… and it was turned on.
When journalists went through the tape, they heard Obama asking the Russian leader to wait until…

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