Meet Hunter Hayes’ New Love In His Life [VIDEO]
Don't panic ladies, his new love has four legs, a tail and can run like the wind!  I'm a puppy lover so when I saw that Hunter had posted video of his new "bus dog" I had to share it with you!  He's lanky, lazy (in the video) and a love bug!
End Of Year Task: Apply For 2015 Pet Licenses
As the holidays draw near, we begin to think about end-of-the-year tasks that need to be completed (like getting info together to file for taxes)!  One thing we overlook is licensing our pets. I lived in the country most of my life, so moving to Duluth was a culture shock where pets are concerned.  …
New City Of Duluth Dog Park Has Tails Waggin’
Tails of Northland canines are wagging!  There's a new park in town just for them! (Human's welcome too, somebody has to drive!)  It took over 500 hours of volunteer's service to make the new dog park a reality. My Schnauzer Bauer and I personally thank those volunteers.
What Were the Most Popular Puppy Names of 2014?
While "Awww" might be the perfect name for a puppy since that's the first word many people make when seeing one, it has yet to catch on. In fact, it seems like pet owners aren't changing at all when it comes to picking a name for their puppies.

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