What Do Teal Pumpkins on Halloween Mean?
Did you see an teal pumpkins while out trick-or-treating last year around the Twin Ports? If not, you may run into some this year while you're out in the Duluth-Superior area. Here's the meaning, and some of the places you might find them this year.
What Was That? Duluth Paranormal Catches Something At Nopeming
This was something that was captured on a Kinetic Camera that you would use with your XBOX 360. Wasn't put into evidence. This is what is called a theoretic way of investigating. Sometimes it leads to more discoveries, sometimes it just leads to great footage like what you will see.
Check Out These Halloween Scares, Pranks, And Fails
Have you ever hidden behind a door with a mask, or taken someone to a cemetery and jumped out from behind a stone and yelled. Or did you know kids who would stop at nothing to scare the other kids in the neighborhood? Then you will love these prank videos, and fails. It's only funny because we …

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