Songs from Children’s TV & Movies That Drive Parents Nuts
Whether its theme songs from their TV shows or catchy Disney songs, this list is something a lot of parents can relate to.  It's not always that the songs are that bad, but it's that they get stuck in our heads.  As grown adults, we walk around with these songs in our head...
Missing Money? Here’s 5 Different Ways To Claim What’s Yours
For just about every category of unclaimed property, there is a government lost-and-found department. You can usually search for and retrieve your missing property for free by going directly to the agency responsible for its safekeeping. Based on a review of several government agency websites, the p…
Bullet Casings That Hang On Our Christmas Tree Have Special Meaning
After visiting a few friend's homes I realized how bare my Christmas tree really is.  There are a few red Christmas balls from my childhood, a few handmade reindeer ornaments that my daughter and I made,  a few snowflakes that my Aunt crocheted and the shell casing Santas in the picture above.  I wa…
Lake Superior Ice Festival
Celebrate what makes Superior 'cool' this winter, with events and activities for the whole family January 27-29, 2017

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