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A Steam Mop Is My Latest Favorite Gadget, It Works!
Between my kitchen that is a laminate looking wood but still warps when it gets wet and my camper floor that is filthy, I would go through half a bottle of 409 and two whole rolls of paper toweling. I was at a lost and would procrastinate because it was a knee and back breaker.  Now I have clea…
Reusable VS Plastic Bags, How Do You Feel About Paying A Bag Fee?
If you think that paying a fee for the bag you put your purchases in would never happen (after all, they want you to shop in their store, right?), think again.  In Minneapolis they are voting on whether businesses should start charging for bags.  This is why and here are my reasons I have …
Update: Online Fishing License Scam We Fell For, Gets Worse
It was the Friday before the 4th of July weekend and we jumped on the computer to buy our Minnesota fishing license.  We fell for a scam which I blogged about previously.  We called, complained and were promised our money back.  We thought we had avoided the issue, but it gets worse.

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