Last week I told you about our struggle with our puking cat.  She vomits regularly.  It's more of just a regurgitation.  It's pretty much the dry cat food chewed up, hits the stomach, and comes right back up.  But it takes just enough time for her to put it in a hidden place.  Last week I tried some expensive cat food, thinking that might help.

Purina Hairball Control formula is supposed to cut down on hairballs.   I thought maybe it was her hair disrupting her stomach, and this could be what is causing it.  I fed her the hairball control formula.   The next day I came home and there was fresh cat puke right in front of the door.

Well crap.  At least I don't need to buy this expensive stuff right?  Wrong.  Now she won't go back to eating the cheaper stuff.

So my search continues.   Next I found a couple of tips by searching the web.   First off is that dry cat food is harder to digest.  The suggestion is to switch to wet cat food.   When dry cat food is swallowed, it hits the stomach and expands causing the cat to vomit.   Makes sense right?   Well I guess I'll try it again, and let you know as the saga continues.